Critical Elements of Havanese Breed Type

What makes a Havanese unique among Toys?


Straight, but not level, rising slightly from withers to rum... the result of moderate angulation fore and aft combined with a typically short upper arm.


Slightly longer than tall, with head carried high and tail arched over back.


Springy and elegant, with moderate reach and drive, showing free reach and good extension. Not stilted. May show flash of pad coming and going. The topline holds under movement, neither flattening nor roaching.


Soft, silky, wavy and abundant. May be corded.


Broad backskull and large, dark almond eyes; correct earset follows line of skull; full rectangular muzzle is slightly shorter than backskull. The expression is soft and intelligent, mischievous rather than cute.


Intelligent, playful, sweet and non-quarrelsome.